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wat do?

Last updated September 25th, 2020 336 plays
arrow keys to move, r to restart
Don't have Castle? Download it for your platform to play wat do? and many more.
Charlie Cheever @ccheever聽聽聽聽3 years ago
I think only one death, on the second level lol
jim @jim聽聽聽聽3 years ago
Sometimes I just sit on this and let myself get squished
jim @jim聽聽聽聽3 years ago
not a lot of people make it past here
nikki @nikki聽聽聽聽3 years ago
dat feeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jim @jim聽聽聽聽3 years ago
took a screenshot of a level of wat do while playing on my windows computer
jim @jim聽聽聽聽3 years ago
What do you do here? I'm not sure... I've struggled here multiple times! Please help me.
jim @jim聽聽聽聽3 years ago
This level is the worst
rcox @rcox聽聽聽聽3 years ago
lol this game is so punishing