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Bit Avoider Tweet

Last updated August 5th, 2020 · 14 plays
T h e G a m e O f L i f e
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Jason Riggs @schazers  ·  1 year ago
require 'bits' N,X,Y=51,25,25 f={} z=0.15 function _L() for i=1,64 do f[#f+1]={RNN(),RNN()} end end function _D() B(X,Y,5) for i=1,#f do B(f[i][1],f[i][2],7) end --if G(X,Y)==7 then DIE() end end function _U(dt) if T(1)>z then for i=1,#f do a=f[i] a[1]=a[1]+RN(-1,1) a[2]=a[2]+RN(-1,1) end z=z-.0005 RT(1) end end