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Retro Runner Tweet

Last updated September 25th, 2020 · 34 plays
T w e e t S u r f i n g
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Jason Riggs @schazers  ·  3 years ago
require 'lib_tweet' x,l=0,{32,45,67,110} function _D() for i=1,#l do L(0,l[i]+hh,w,l[i]+hh,3) end for i=-w*8+x,9*w+x,w/3 do L(i,h,hw,hh-hh/6,3) end o=hh+31 RF(0,0,w,o) L(0,o,w,o,3) end function _U(dt) for i=1,#l do f=l[i] l[i]=f>hh and 32 or f+f*f*.01*dt end x=x+LT()*w*dt-RT()*w*dt end