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One Room Dungeon

Last updated September 25th, 2020 · 412 plays
Explore a mysterious and exciting dungeon filled with exciting dangers without ever leaving the same room!
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Rémy 🍬 @trasevol-dog  ·  3 years ago
Anyone else got past the first boss room yet? 😏
Eliott @Eliott  ·  3 years ago
I'm satisfied with the best score humans had 😎, also, i was Rupert-Bingley xD
Paul Nicholas @liquidream  ·  3 years ago
OK, I think all games should be played in ULTRA-Widescreen! 😍 #EspeciallyRetroOnes
Paul Nicholas @liquidream  ·  3 years ago
Yay, I'm on the board! 😅 (P.S. ❤-ing the "stock" names! #BillyCheatedTho 🤣)
Rémy 🍬 @trasevol-dog  ·  3 years ago
I just fixed the leaderboards! The scores weren't being stored correctly, sorry about that... 😬 But wow you gotta check out who's on there now that it's fixed! Plus, I added some new fancy effects and also controller support!!
Rémy 🍬 @trasevol-dog  ·  3 years ago
I added a leaderboard to One Room Dungeon! The bar is pretty low to get on the first page... for now! 🏆💀
Ben @ben  ·  3 years ago
nice, this gets pretty intense!
Rémy 🍬 @trasevol-dog  ·  3 years ago
One of my old Pico-8 games, freshly ported over into the Castle! Might make some additions next week!