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Last updated September 25th, 2020 · 456 plays
Untangle the ropes before the timer runs out!
Don't have Castle? Download it for your platform to play Tangle and many more.
Jess Hui @jess  ·  3 years ago
Rocky Fishing made me play this, lol. @remy this is really nice!
Jason Riggs @schazers  ·  3 years ago
What happened. I blacked out and mashed my keyboard a bunch
Jason Riggs @schazers  ·  3 years ago
We've reached 24 knots captainnnn
jim @jim  ·  3 years ago
This game is hard to play lol
Paul Nicholas @liquidream  ·  3 years ago
Yay!! 😁 This is so good (even tho it does tie by BRAIN in knots!! 😵)
Eliott @Eliott  ·  3 years ago
Who can beat that >2 knots per secs in 36' ?