First Rule of Castle

Make Castle Fun (for You and for Other People)

The golden rule of Castle is: Make Castle Fun (for You and for Other People). Pretty much everything that's encouraged and disallowed can be derived from this principle.

Some examples of things that you can do that are awesome

  • Make fun games. They'll be fun for everyone to play. Awesome.
  • Play games with other people.
  • Help other people learn how things work.

Some things you shouldn't do here:

  • Grief people you're playing with. Don't ruin someone else's day just to amuse yourself.
  • Make a game that deceives a user or steals from them. Running into that kind of stuff is not fun. And even worse, it makes people feel unsafe and not trust other things people have made.

Castle is new and small right now, and so we don't want to make a big list of rules or anything right now; but we think if everyone tries to follow this one, it will help make Castle into the healthy world full of fun and diverse, interesting things that we want it to be.