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By The Castle Team // 2-25-2019
Use these examples to bootstrap your Castle project.

lil platformer

A small platforming game where you jump around and collect gems. A perfect starting point for anyone looking to make their own platformer!

lil chess

A nice starting point for anyone looking to make a grid-based game, be it a board game or a tactics game.

lil flock

It's not much of a game, but a great opportunity to learn about flocking simulations! Try toying with the flocking constants to get your own unique boid behavior.

lil strategy

The beginnings of a strategy game where you order your units to move around. Make it your own and give them something to do!

lil racer

A race around a micro-sized track. Learn how to program car-like movement and how to use an image as level data.

lil ribbons

You're a ribbon and you dodge scissors. Learn how to make a mouse-based obstacle-dodging game!

lil space

A game of asteroids with thruster-based movement! Make this classic game your own.

lil adventure

A good starting point for a tile-based adventure game. Make your own world and characters!

lil hoops

A great introduction to rigid-body physics. Shoot some hoops and make it your own!

lil runner

A procedurally-generated infinite runner where you avoid obstacles. Try making your own!
Want some ideas for what to do next? Read the making your first Castle game guide, where we'll learn how to draw a circle, print some logs, and move the circle around with the arrow keys.